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Solar Panels

We supply and fit high quality solar panels for both domestic and commercial customers. Solar panels can provide you with additional electricity and can therefore save you money on your electricity bills.

Benefits of solar electricity

Since sunlight is free, once you have paid for the initial installation then your electricity costs will be reduced. It is also possible to make money through the additional electricity that your solar panels provide by interfacing with the UK government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme which effectively pays you for the electricity that you generate, even if you use it. If your system produces more electricity than you actually need then you can sell the surplus back to the grid through the Feed-in Tariff scheme.

Helping the environment

Since solar electricity is renewable green energy and doesn't release any harmful carbon dioxide or other pollutants into the atmosphere you will also be contributing positively to the environment as well. An average home solar PV system could save nearly two tonnes of carbon per year.

How solar panels (PV) cells work

PV cells are made from layers of semi-conducting material such as silicon. When light shines on the cell it creates an electric field across the layers. The stronger the sunshine the greater the level of electricity is produced. Groups of cells are mounted together in panels or modules that can either be mounted on the roof or on the ground. The power of a PV cell is measured in kilowatts peak (kWp) which is the rate at which it generates energy at peak performance in full direct sunlight during the summer. PV cells come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most PV systems are made up of panels that fit on top of an existing roof, although solar tiles or slates can also be utilised.

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